The young Achilles

Sculpture depicting the young Achilles. Marble Statuary. Portoro Marble base. Publishing on the Bryan Catley pag. 313

Made in FranciaCirca 1930 Constant Roux other works - 3

Dimensions: h.58-l.38-p.23-cm.

Reference# 0121 * sold *

Venus de Milo

Very rare Statuary Marble Sculpture depicting the Venus de Milo. Work executed in direct shear.

Made in FranciaCirca 1925 Amedeo Gennarelli other works - 13

Dimensions: h.60-l.32-p.15-cm.

Reference# 0119 * sold *


Rare silver and gold Sculpture depicting Oriental Dancer. Ball in Onyx. Portoro Marble Base. Etling Editeur-Paris. Signed on the base. Listed on: Art Déco Sculptures (Victor Arwvas) with the name "Stella".

Made in FranciaCirca 1925 Maurice Guiraud Rivière other works - 4

Dimensions: h.64-l.42-cm.

Reference# 0113 * sold *


Vase glass mosaic decoration: Fuchsia.

Made in FranciaCirca 1925 Schneider other works - 12

Dimensions: h.42 cm

Reference# 0085 * sold *


Pierrot. Very rare patinated Bronze and Ivory Sculpture. Onix base.

Made in FranciaCirca 1925 Pierre Le Faguays other works - 18

Dimensions: h.32-l.25-cm.

Reference# 0081 * sold *

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